Truck damages pillar outside Bryan business during a hit and run

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – The driver of a pickup truck drove into a pillar on Monday, knocking it out of place in a hit-and-run at the plaza off of E 29th Street and Greenfield Plaza in Bryan.

The collision happened right outside J & I Hair Studio.

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After the truck hit the pillar, an area business owner tried to confront the driver but he drove off.

However, the business owner was able to get the vehicle’s license plate and called 911.

J & I Hair Studio owner John Salazar-Ramirez explains what he heard during the accident.

“We are all in the back just working like we usually do and we hear a loud boom. Usually, we hear that kind of sound with the alteration place, because they are doing a lot of work over there, and so we look outside and were missing a whole pillar of the building,” he said.

The property owner was able to repair the damage on Tuesday.

Bryan Police are still trying to identify the driver and are asking anyone with information to reach out to them at 979-209-5300.


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